Kornelia Stephanie

Kornelia Stephanie: a divine expression for source energy

A New Earth Ambassador. Ascension guide. Energy Intuitive. Kick-Ass Powerful Living coach. Speaker. Radio host.Published Author. Yoga Queen.

She has volunteered to come back to earth to establish a new foundation for a new consciousness for the human race. She is a gifted intuitive energy guide, pioneering the land of the new. Kornelia’s work is about building universal wholeness for the planet. She is passionate about humanity’s sovereignty, about maintaining authority over one’s own life as empowered creation. Founder of Empower Network, she empowers people on the path to self-healing, peace, and liberation. She teaches people to embrace their humanity, offering simple, practical tools about how to live, how to heal their lives. Kornelia’s leadership in co-creating the new paradigm with her vibrant online community, engages people around the world to co- create their own universe, their heaven-on-earth, standing for peace on earth through daily practical online messages on how to live in the new world being their own authority. She is a passionate speaker and the author of the book “Peace, the Flip Side To Anger”. She travels the world modeling and speaking about peace as an inside Job. Invite Kornelia to come and speak to your audience. They will be offered a chance to reshape their lives by her powerful call to action with her 21 day peace practice and her focus on the 3 top ways for creating inner peace and claiming power in the midst of turmoil.

Don’t Give up on Yourself you came here to be your greatest self and live fearlessly.
Take a look at where I came from.

The Setup Was Brilliant.
The script: To create heaven on earth.
to return to love and peace, to live in freedom, to embody unconditional love for self and all, to offer self-acceptance, and create paradise on earth.The challenge: to overcome self-hatred, transcend the lack consciousness the poverty programs, that the early conditioning embedded. Release myself from the inner prison being mirrored to me by the outside world, i.e., letting go of my addictions, retiring the victim after waiting for a long time for someone to save me, before I realized the savior was already here.

Only in healing the core wound of feeling separate from Source and allowing the old human in me to die, could I give birth to myself with me as the sole authority and claim is now the victory in the light. Where once my soul was suicidal and wanted to die, it's now rejoicing, living fully, acknowledging its painful path, the suffering. I was on drugs for 13 years of my life, the core wounds were so deep, self-hatred was at the core. The drugs kept me from feeling my childhood pain, my wounds, the pain and karma that I came into this life with.

My childhood had me well prepared, never to acknowledge myself and put my own needs aside. What a long and painful path it was to claim my worth and love each and every part of myself into wholeness. Today it is hard for me to imagine that I ever, ever had a thought that was attached to a belief that was attached to an emotion that I was not good enough and that I used to make choices that reflected that belief.

My life's work has been to undo all the old conditioning, old beliefs, and to heal my emotional core wounds. Through this work, I achieved self and life mastery. Because of my own transformation - having emotionally processed the entire Universe through my physical body - I am now out of the way to passionately lead others into themselves. My role is to demonstrate how it's done and share the experience along the way.

Each lesson gave me the opportunity to come home to myself, birthing the new, becoming the truth of who I am, unconditionally loving the self and the world, whole and free. In my book "Peace, the Flip Side of Anger" ( Chapter 10, "Heaven on Earth"), I talk about our responsibility to be the love we want to see in the world. Merging heaven on earth into the physical is an inside job that requires a body, a physical body. Releasing the old world has been the challenge while simultaneously giving birth to the new.