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This week is about consistently consulting your inner council and giving yourself space to reflect on what is working for you and releasing what is not.
We are being asked to go over patterns, habits and unfinished business from the past so we can finally make peace and move on to greener pastures.

This is not the time to give up on your dreams or your visions.

Instead, give up living in the future. Be here now and see how far you have come as a pioneer living at the leading edge of consciousness

discovering the magic and seeing the blessing you are,

seeing the blessing life is.

We are healing the separation,

coming home to the truth of who we are.

My darling, now open wide to receive the downloads of the highest consciousness

and take in the goodness of this light.

Believe in yourself, shine on and, by all means, make love your call to action.


Blueprint our new reality.

Speak this out loud so the universe can hear you:

"I choose unity-consciousness and love as my primary timeline".

"I offer my trust".

"I reside in the heart and mind of God".

"I Anchor Source light into the collective."

"I am open to new alliances of grace".

"I choose my heart's true path with every thought, action and deed".

"My beloved Source, I ask for the highest dreams, the creations of love,

that you want me to manifest in this lifetime",.