Embody Heaven on Earth - 122 Day Course

Day 55 and 56 Rest – Meditation, Reflection and Integration

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Watch this video and have your heart beaming with love.  Akiane speaks 4 languages and shows us what it's truly like to be passionate in expressing her gifts through painting.  She is self-taught.  She get's up at 4am everyday 6 days a week and paints until her heart is content.

She says discovering peace is worth every effort.

Every child should have the opportunity to grow up like this.

This video has so much wisdom so much passion and so much truth.

Our future is our present. If we take care of it, we take care of tomorrow. The start and finish line is love. I know I am just one person, but I wish that with each brushstroke and with each message I could bring hope to those who have lost it."       ~Akiane

To learn more about Akiane visit her website:

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