Embody Heaven on Earth - 122 Day Course

Day fifty three – Stretch into your growth edge, expanding with ease.

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Choose love with every choice you make.  Creating heaven on earth is an inside Job. We are going for freedom, being free from fear, because there are only two choices love or fear.


Fear is not real yet when faced with expanding into our greater self we may come up with a field of fear that is present in our reality and only loves will melt this fear. As we expand realizing our true nature, we walk the path mastery choosing love over fear at every turn. We are creating heaven on earth. Most of our fear is not real, it’s in our head, it’s only really because we are energetically paralyzed by it. We allow it to stop us from taking action, which stops our expansion into our true self, the realization that only love is real.
Get intimate with your fear and feel it fully as it was really happening. Rather than keeping it at arms length invite it into your body and feel the fear. Everything wants to be felt, and everything needs to be felt even your fears. You will continue expanding into your greater self as nothing out there is a but a reflection of you.So bust through those fears with your love, say yes to a greater expansion of you.
The process.

Write your fears down on a piece of paper sit with them and look at it.
Then feel what it would feel like if …
fear of success
fear of failure
fears of falling…
fear of not finding muy purpose…

To release fear from your life you have to be willing to do the dance, to be courageous and process everything that presents itself to you as fear. Feel it bring it into your experience, get it out of your head, then watch it melt away like magic.

Feeling your fears, loving them free, 
After feeling your fears expanding your growth edge…do this magical tip from Alice Edmond. Imagine drawing a circle on a piece of paper. The circle represents you within the space of the universe; the circle is your energy. Now draw a larger circle the first circle. That larger circle represents the new frequency or level of consciousness you expand to when you experience growth.
That space in-between the small and large circle is just space for now. You’ve created space for change. It is now your responsibility to make the changes you have opened yourself up for.


Peace, Love and Freedom for all.

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