What’s the difference between the memberships?

The benefit of the Free membership offers you all the tools I created and used on myself and my clients, and is also what I used to heal myself when I first began my empowerment journey.  Pure emotional health happens when you allow yourself to heal your wounds from the past -- not suppress the energy in the physical body, as this can cause dis-ease.  May these tools be of service to you.  You can subscribe and move into a Basic membership anytime you are ready.

The benefit of the Basic membership is that you get to experience all of the best inspiration and activations, of the" What is™" Game right at your fingertips every morning, and is your invitation to experience and embody the word, and the meaning behind it, aligning with your own inner guru -- you being the expert, looking inside of you, not outside for what is already within.  Read more about the unlimited benefits of the What Is™ experience, and in addition you are part of a community, receiving tools, inspiration, and a worldwide connection, sharing of yourself,  your own spiritual play shop to help you live your best life, IN the now.  You can upgrade and move up to a Supreme membership at any time.

The Supreme membership is for the advanced, the new Earth teachers, the ones that are conscious of living and experiencing their divinity.  They are self-realized or awakening to it, they are the conscious co-creators, very courageous to inspire new ways of living and being.  We are creating for the greater good of all.  YOU will have access to the new human template, and so much more.  YOU are also part of a community with others who are like you.  Learn more about the benefits of this amazing service.

How much is membership and how is it paid?

  • The Free membership is free -- please enjoy the gifts.
  • The Basic membership is monthly $13.00 -- less than .50 cents per day, or save by choosing the annual subscription.
  • The Supreme membership is monthly $21.00 -- less .70 cents per day, or save by selecting to pay a yearly subscription.

We know how busy you are, and we’ve set up a convenient payment system so you don’t even have to think about it -- Paypal will handle it all automatically.  If you ever need to cancel your membership, we make that simple too, and you are always welcome to re-join!

How do I move to a new level of membership?

  • If you are already a Free member and have access to the tools there, simply go to the Membership page, select the new membership level you'd like, and complete the payment signup process.
  • If you want to change from a paid level to the Free level, go to Paypal and cancel your subscription.
  • If you want to change from one paid level to a different paid level, Email admin@korneliadengel.com  telling us what you'd like to do, and we'll let you know how to accomplish it.

How do I cancel my membership?

  • You can cancel membership at any time -- but do you really want to cancel entirely (removing your username and password from this site), or just revert to a Free membership level?  If you just want to move from one of the paid levels to Free (and still be able to log in here), then going to Paypal and canceling your subscription there will do the job.
  • If you're a paying member, then go to Paypal and cancel your subscription there.
  • Regardless of the membership level, Email admin@korneliadengel.com with "Cancel membership" in the subject line.  We'll cancel your membership and Email you back when that has been done.

What kinds of inspirations are you planning on posting in the Basic membership?

Daily inspirational messages and activations are posted 5 days a week.  Every week there is a theme, and everybody benefits from the theme, individually and collectively.  We cover what we want to experience and embody in co-creating our New Earth.  The inspirations, and the activations are designed with you in mind, as it gives you the ability to focus your energy in a daily way that supports your life.  The short daily  messages are posted in an mp3 format (which can either be downloaded or listened to from the web page) and are designed to compliment your life, not complicate it.  For example, we start the week with the question of what is "faith," and at the end of the week you will be left with your knowing “I AM Faith,” through your own experience that you can continue to practice and integrate.

As another example, consider the word “abundance.”  The meaning can only be experienced and told by the experiencer that is having the experience, and now it becomes a knowing, a truth for you, it becomes you.  Otherwise it is just an idea that is outside of you, and someone is the expert on the word — it may as well be YOU.  If you would like to read more about the topics, then visit the  What is the What is experience page.

How do I invite my friends to become members?

Simply share this website and invite your friends to sign up for the Faith experience to try for free for seven days.  We suggest you get your whole family involved.  We also suggest you sharing this inspiration with your friends and family through Facebook, YouTube and Twitter.  In addition, joining the membership program is an amazing opportunity for friends to stay connected.  Plus, it gives you the chance to meet new friends and to receive the inspiration and support to co-create your life with like-minded and like-hearted people!

I am a paid member, why can’t I access all the content on the site?

First, you have to be logged in to view the paid content. Use the username and password you created when you registered.  If you're a Supreme member, you shouldn't encounter any messages about being unable to view content.  If you're a Basic member, you're probably trying to access content which is reserved for Supreme members.

To determine if are logged in you can always check the top right corner of the page where you will see your username if logged in.

My user name and password were invalid even though I am already on the mailing list. Does that make me a current member?

  • First, if you have a username and password, then you should be a member, as the mailing list doesn't use usernames and passwords.
  • You would only receive duplicate Email if you used different Email addresses.
  • Email list subscription and membership are two separate databases.  All members should be on the Email list (unless the member opted out of the Email list), but joining the Email list doesn't make the person a member here.  For access to the site see membership options & pricing.
  • If you're not sure if you're signed up as a member, or having problems logging on, send an E-mail to admin@korneliadengel.com

How do I edit my profile?

Log in to your account then click “Membership Details” under the Login area at the top of the right column (on most pages).  When you've updated your profile [don't forget to click on the "Update Profile" button at the bottom of the page], click on Creating Eden (in the upper left corner of the page) to return to the site.

How can I edit my email notification options?

Anytime you leave a comment, you'll notice at the bottom (just under the Post Comment button) that there's a check box to be notified of follow up comments via E-mail, or you could also be notified of follow up comments without leaving a comment yourself.  Setting this as you desire when you comment is the first step in preventing unwanted Email.  If you change your mind later and no longer wish to be notified of new messages about a topic, you can always go to the page of that topic, and then at the bottom, there's an option to Manage Your Subscriptions.