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This week illumination will take place at the highest level.  After going to the bottom of the inner ocean,  it's time to shine the light on all those treasures you've found.  We have been in a very interesting cycle of growth.  All the work has been done on the inner planes and now soon with so many new choices having been made, we are grounded in the light.

Grounded in the earth, with compassion and love, the new human trusting what he/she can’t see, is a powerful act.
When you bring your higher mind to release the old outworn consciousness that no longer serves you,
You are liberated.  The divine is in the detail, seeing and expecting the miracles to show up.


Earth Liberated


Continue to dream big, tap into the infinite possibilities that you came here to experience.
you have, and are, continually strengthening your connection with source deeply anchoring your brilliance into the earth, making magic real in your world.

The wisdom this week:
Step-by-step, slow and steady.
Get out of your head and stop thinking. Feel yourself drawn
to take inspired action.
Get in shape physically, emotionally and spiritually.
Get in your own lane and feel the love, the abundance, this sacred moment is.

How are you feeling?