I Am Self-Love — Day Five

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It's raining love and abundance -- be open to receive it.  Open yourself up to receive all the love and all the abundance that is there for you.  I am too.

How is your love life going?  Are you falling in love with YOU?  Are you feeling romance is in the air?  (Love is in the air and it is coming for you.)  What changed for you this week?  What self-talk did you reveal to yourself?  How much more love did you offer yourself this week?

You are making a huge difference in your life, and the world.  Speak your life into being by repeating your "I am love, I love my life, Life and the Universe supports me, I am abundant."  Speaking these words out loud will bring up all your old stuff to the surface, liberating yourself from your unconscious obsessions, and bad habits (old and conditioned responses).  The way to change any belief is to first believe it is possible, then try on the new belief and feel the spaciousness of that belief, and feel who you would be with it -- how you would act?  Feel all the old feelings fully, love yourself and you will be and are your own hero.  I believe in YOU, and I honor you.