I Am Self-Love — Day Four

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Every day, we are gifted through our experiences to release and let go of old programing and density from our physical bodies, to align and expand into the new being we are becoming.
One of my favorite practices is to fully feel the old feelings that are being triggered in me (yukie and uncomfortable)… what is this event, this person, or experience doing FOR ME?  Notice I say for me, empowering me, not to me, which would leave me the victim.  If you are faced with being rejected, not being needed, not feeling worthy, emotionally or verbally abused, or are feeling abandoned, these are all opportunities for self-love -- for radical self love.  In the old world we used to look for this love from outside of ourselves, from our partners, or our parents, or a friend, and while all of this is still helpful, the new earth consciousness asks that you bring that radical self-love to yourself, to feel the abandonment that may be triggered within you, then offer love to you and make the choice to never abandon you, to not reject you, to bring your open heart to you and say, "I love you so very much, I know you are feeling rejected, and feel that feeling fully."  Release the feeling and offer your love to you.  Sit with yourself and say, "I am love and lovable, and I love and approve of myself."