I Am Self-Love — Day One

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Love is space, unconditional love is what we are practicing here in the new earth, and that means radical self-love, self-acceptance, and loving what is happening in our reality -- loving ourselves, whole and free.  YOU are always doing the best you can, and loving yourself is a great focus everyday, saying your "I love you's," and really paying attention to how you talk to yourself.  Talking to yourself in a positive way is an act of self love: "I am Love, and I am lovable."  Self-love is the name of the game with a conscious focus on you.  What do you feel that you want, and what do you feel that you can do right now, offering more love and nurturing to what you may be experiencing? Practicing this self-love focus will help you take the first step.  Come from your heart and make every effort to insure that the way you talk to yourself is positive self-talk.  Everything wants to be loved -- all parts of you.  Speak these powerful love templates:

  • I love and approve of myself
  • I honor my self
  • From today forward I express my most authentic self
  • I am living my dream
  • I am creating my dream life
  • I am love
  • I am choosing JOY and am willing to release anything that is no longer serving me
  • I am choosing the positive
  • I am choosing self-healing and self-love
  • I am relaxing into the peace of who I am right now
  • A higher vibrational way of living is offering me this peace, that before now I only had glimpses of
  • I am in practice, I am releasing density, programs, and negativity from my physical body, and I love myself.