I Am Self-Love — Day Two

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Self-love is to be "your own" main thing.
I want you to get really good at loving yourself and being your own main thing.   To love yourself like you would a child, who's always growing into more and more beauty.  We are creating new positive habits, as we bring love compassion and acceptance to ourselves.

To love your life with a fierce dedication to your own evolution, with a loyalty that refuses to accept anything less than love.  To love oneself is to be willing to stand naked, vulnerable in the dark and face all the fears and uncertainties that "life" challenges us with in the awakening of our truth.  Self love is an art -- the love of who you are is so much joy, you are making you a priority and practicing looking at what your self-talk is, and how you are listening to that talk.  Your homework is to reveal to yourself your self-talk.  See if you can monitor your thinking and discover how your self-talk is programing your life.  Try speaking to yourself in the 3rd person (by your name) for more effective programing.

Please read: "Why You Should Start Talking to Yourself."