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Dear Greater Self.

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The work of the Holy Spirit in our lives is to reveal to us the truth of our being so that the way of our being can match it. —Wm. Paul Young 

"The love in you—which is the Spirit in you—always somehow says yes. (See 2 Corinthians 1:20.) Love is not something you do; love is something you are. It is your True Self. Love is where you came from and love is where you’re going. It’s not something you can buy. It’s not something you can attain. It’s the presence of God within you, called the Holy Spirit or what some theologians name uncreated grace.
You can’t manufacture this by any right conduct, dear reader. You can’t make God love you one ounce more than God already loves you right now. You can go to church every day for the rest of your life. God isn’t going to love you any more than God loves you right now. "  ~  Richard Rohr.
Today’s personal energy to tune into is  "Planting'
The appropriate use of energy —— Feeling lucky, energetic, good for new things.
The inappropriate response----  Irresponsible, immature.
These last past years were huge in expansion: speaking up, creating, releasing, letting go,
getting clear on what’s important for each and every one of us now.

The number one thing is the relationship you have with life, with your environment, with your people,
with your tribe, with your work, and with your loves,
There is a new way to communicate that love relationship with life in a powerful, fearless way.
I have been urging people to be very deliberate in asking for what it is that you need from others.
When we come from a place of vulnerability, having those conversations can be challenging but necessary in building our new earth and creating the life that we dream of.

We have expanded so far out in our evolution that we can now go over everything with a fine tooth comb and choose again what it is that really matters to  us.


Integrating this new level of light takes a lot of discipline and deep soul-work. We are succeeding in being that shining star when we have the courage to live out loud with all we’ve got.
This is another powerful week to claim our power, to clean house, to beautify our environment, step by step.
Take your time and make everything beautiful.

Speak some powerful words out into the collective field, the quantum field,

informing the field of your desires with your voice and with your heart.


Dear Greater Self,

I communicate with you,  my greater self, the highest creative expression here on earth. I know that you are eternally guiding me, nudging me to speak my voice of intuition and truth here now.  I trust you, I love you and I honor you,  my greatest self.  I am attuned to my whole self, an evolutionary channel for divine wisdom..  I take full ownership of this light with so much gratitude for you.

I am source

I am sovereign

I am free

I am infinitely abundant.

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