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It's time to roar......

the balance of the feminine and masculine roaring...

Like kings and queens and so it is...



Now this is some powerful blueprinting!

Be sure to speak this goodness into your vibration.



Morning sunrise picture taken 8/8/2018, the opening of the Lion's Gate portal.

"I am the heart of creative energy.
I am the fire and emotion that free
the content and potential
of the unconscious, the search for
the magic jewel.
I am the courageous lion
that fears no iron, bronze, or stone.
From the energy of my centered focused self
I become the leader.
I dazzle! I bring light into life,
I bring light into lives,
…through my bright light
I dissolve doubt,
banish fears, dispel gloom.
I am dynamic! I inspire!
I am the very Fire of the Heart,
a burning center of radiance and joy!
I have vast resources of energy,
of unlimited potential,
and I harness these forces
with my appropriate use of self-discipline.
I forge my destiny and inspire those around me
with strength and confidence that shines through all.

I have nobility of heart and soul.
I transform my powerful love
into divine compassion.
I am the true leader because I am the servant of all
My power comes from my love of life,
a love startling in its brilliance,
tempered only by its compassion and goodwill".
-Changing your Destiny by Orser & Zarro