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The Power of Forgiveness

Hoʻoponopono (IPA [ho.ʔ]) is a Hawaiian practice of reconciliation and forgiveness. The Hawaiian word translates into English simply as correction, with the synonyms manage or supervise, and the antonym careless.[1][2] Similar forgiveness practices are performed on islands throughout the South Pacific, including HawaiiSamoaTahiti and New Zealand. Traditional Hoʻoponopono is practiced by Indigenous Hawaiian healers, often within the extended family by a family member. There is also a New Age practice that goes by the same name. The Power of Forgiveness

Embody Faith

Discover what the meaning of faith is with you as the authority. All our life we have given our power away to outside sources when our true power comes from within. Learning to consult your inner authority is what these courses are designed to do. Through the experiences in your daily life, you are letting go of what no longer serves you. At the same time, you practice living in faith and discovering what faith means to you. Embody Faith, bringing it into your physical body. Can you imagine how powerful when we shift the vibration of the collective -- a whole bunch of physical bodies walking around focusing on and emitting Faith! Effecting the Quantum field... huge, huge RIPPLE EFFECT! I know many people are challenged at this time, getting in touch with their faith, cultivating their relationship with faith, this may be just what the inner doctor ordered. This course is designed to engage you in the experience. Who are you without "Faith? Inquire within. What does living in Faith mean to you? What Is™ Faith?

Embody Self love 

Embody Self love through this 7 day course. I AM love. Practice loving yourself every day with the short daily loving invitations and excercises to bring more sweetness into your life. Loving yourself whole and free is the first step in experiencing a healthy whole relationship. Then bring that love into all your other relationships. Practice loving the self every day and watch that negative self talk disappear. Loving yourself and seeing yourself through the eyes of the divine you’ve healed the separation from the past. What does loving the self mean to you? What Is™ Self-Love?


Embody High Self Worth

I AM Worthy course. When will I be good enough?
Claim your full power and live the truth of your worth with this 7-day experience.
Feeling unworthy (not good enough), will have you making choices that keep that belief, and that core wound active until you are ready to claim the opposite of this polarity. You will continue to attract to your situations, experiences, people and events that validate to you, your belief of not feeling worthy. What does being worthy mean to you? Only you can deem yourself worthy. What Is™ Worthy?

Embody Pure Thought/ Emotion

Learn how to use pure thought and positive emotion with this 7 day course
What is pure thought? —
Imagine yourself thinking a thought like, “I look so young” — staying with this thought long enough to create a momentum, them bringing the feeling into of “I feel so young” into it, and feeling the feeling of youth and vitally, creating a huge momentum. The momentum and energy field within your body is so vital and so radiant, that now, when you are in the presence of others, they comment to you, “YOU look so young.” Imagine the JOY of pure emotion you are expressing. This is our practice this week. What Is™ Pure Thought, Pure Emotion?

Claim your Power Now

Claiming your power back requires that you step up your game, and that you bring your authentic self transcending the victim/savior paradigm out of your physical body. The victim energy is the one that feels powerless and wants to be rescued or helped, because the victim in you feels it needs help and can’t do it yourself. With this 7 day experience you will claim back all of the power you have ever given away to any time space or dimension, realizing how strong and powerful you really are. You will meet the victim in you again with love, compassion, and a strong resolve to retire the victim once and for all? You will claim back all of your power back each time, noticing how empowering it feels when you take action on your behalf. What Is™ Self-Empowerment?

Use your Anger as Creative fuel

There is much happening in the world, and this energy of war-like aggression is going on on a massive scale. Because many people are not aware of what to do with their anger, with their negative emotion, it is projected outward onto others and conflict and outright war are the result. People act on their emotions. Many people are feeling disempowered and easily triggered by the focus on fear and death. With this seven day course discover the peace within and release the anger the emotion out of your physical body using the experience you find yourself in as the catalyst to claim your power and transcend your anger. Say yes to peace and be the peace you want to see in the world. Peace is power
What Is™ The Power of Negative Emotions and Anger?

Embody Heaven on Earth

Practice living in Heaven on Earth with Kornelia and online global community.
We are in the building phase of building our new world, building heaven on earth, our new home with each of us as the authority. Being the pioneers of the 5th dimension where love is the law and peace is the way, it begins with every thought, action and deed we do for ourselves which ripples out for all – The New Spiritual Human Creating Heaven on Earth, Wealthy and Abundant from the Inside Out. In my book “Peace, the Flip Side to Anger” I talk about living Heaven on Earth today. How do we create that, especially given the state of the world today?
Heaven is a state of consciousness that is realized within our being after transcending the old world consciousness, releasing the separation, the core wounding, letting the old world die out of our physical body. Heaven is a state of consciousness that is experienced by the New Human – the divine in the physical where God lives. Heaven is a state of consciousness, a paradise in us that is holy, that is lived and experienced by each person.

In today’s reality, we don’t need to die to go to heaven, we need only to let the old beliefs, the pain, the suffering, the hell we find ourselves in, die so we can create paradise right here on earth. The New Humans, fully awake and aware, know that God is inside of them, that they are living heaven on earth, engaging deliberately to manifest into matter what is being birthed through us.

You were never born to fit into the old world. You were born to create a new one. Give yourself plenty of space to make sure that the bricks you are laying down on your new foundation are reflecting to you what’s true for you. With each brick that you’re are laying down, take your time, even though you may feel like you need to hurry. You are in charge of the blueprint, of laying your foundation. You get to set the tone for how this magnificent new home, the new business, the new relationship, is being formed. The true relationship is the one you have with Life. All Life is sacred. What is™ The Power of Heaven on Earth What does living heaven on earth mean to you?

Expansion of the Heart

There is a new quantum frequency we have been inhaling and integrating into our physical bodies. This energy is giving us the opportunity to surrender old earth consciousness that has been suppressed in the physical body. Over the summer months, we have been guided to purify our inner labyrinth and cultivate the sacred space we live in. The days of manifestation are here. It’s time to take action towards matters of the heart, towards relationships and all things that require a deeper commitment. You are about to experience your new reality, magically unfolding with ease and grace with you at the helm.
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Turning Lead into Gold

We are all instruments in a grand symphony of sound and vibration, playing melodies yet unheard. It’s essential to maintain purity of thought and speech by focusing on pure thoughts and orchestrating our energy in a direction that emits the sounds, a frequency which will deliver a matching vibration of harmonic resonance back to you.. Each conscious shift of thought creates a shift in vibration. Emotions are energy patterns we use to clear our physical bodies of old, suppressed emotions stuck within the DNA. To clear ourselves, we must be willing to release all emotional charges, bringing ourselves back to neutral. This course turning lead into gold is created to help you stay pure in thought, to raise your vibration, to release your emotional density and to assist you in coming back to your true organic nature which is to live in harmony. To enter any authentic experience it is necessary to embrace our personal experience as our teacher ad not that the world tells us.
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A Self Discovery Process Defining Abundance

Abundance is a feeling, a state of consciousness that you can tap into anytime you choose. You define what abundance means to you through your own experience. Discover the word “abundance” The meaning can only be experienced and told by the experiencer, that is having the experience, and now it becomes a knowing, a truth for you. It becomes you. Otherwise, it is just an idea that is outside of you, and someone is the expert on the word — it may as well be YOU. To have the life that you really want you must match it's vibrational energy and resonate with it. That includes abundance, a perfect partner, a new job, whatever it is that you are desiring to experience in your life, your body is the stargate and holds the key.
Releasing the old negative emotions of lack and limitation out of your body, so that you can vibrate from a place of abundance and JOY is what this course is designed to do. Offering you the opportunity to choose and perceive abundance according to you being the authority. Click Here!

I’m So Blessed.

Surrender the Need to Know.Dream the big dream. This version of Ascension is inviting us to live in the flow, immersed in life and honoring the untraveled road before us.These are the days when we really get to practice being faith in action, surrendering even the slightest fear of not knowing. If we can sink into our hearts and allow the peace within to guide each moment, we are free. The awakened heart is leading us home. Surrender the need to know, surrender what was and what could have been. Surrender, knowing that faith is all you need right now. Peace love and liberty   Click Here!