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Kornelia's personal message from the team:

What I hear the galactics speaking to me -  the ascended masters, the angels, and the guides -
they are telling me
what an awesome,
awesome, awesome job we are doing.
Victory in the light!  Victory in the light!

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What I realize
is that the light and its awesomeness are to be celebrated.
And then I look at my own shortcomings and
say what about that drink I had ?
And then I  hear "it's all good. Your human,
What a wonderful job you're doing and who you are being;
We know that this planet
has been overtaken
by a dark force, that there is a force on this planet

that does not want people to awaken,
that wants to keep people in slavery,
in their addiction,
in their woundedness.
we know that, We know God/ Source, the light,
is taking the planet back
into its rightful place,
into the place of love, honor, respect, and harmony and restored order,
source sending parts of itself into these human bodies
from all over the universe - multiverse -
to get this job done.
I am one of them and you are, too,
bringing the embodiment of the highest light into the physical body

and taking the planet back.

Victory in the light!
We are all doing that,
restoring order and harmony.
For me, that means everything
from the purity of my heart.
And you, my angels, my ascended masters, my team,
thank you for your continued support,
giving me the green light. I appreciate it.
I appreciate your guidance.
I am the other you.