Ascended Living and Thriving!
Welcome to City of


As conscious co-creators of our reality, the Divine plan and the Highest Vision is for us to co-create our New World, building a foundation with a brand new consciousness that is rooted in Love and PEACE.

So how do we do it?

It begins with each and every one of us. It begins with YOU. We are all masters. I encourage you to reach into the realms of living your highest potential here on Earth. Bring your unique expression of your true Divine Nature -- that's why you came here -- to live in freedom to be YOU. To co-create our New World, building a foundation with a brand new consciousness that is rooted in unconditional Love and Freedom.

New Earth Vision

Each one of us has our own unique expression that is ready to be realized and grounded in the New Earth. You are limitless -- this is the truth and you are the creator of your reality.  Imagine you as Source Energy living your highest vision.

Through our daily commitment and devotion to love and beauty and truth, we inspire and develop individual leadership and collective greatness into personal radical self-love and empowerment. Together, we inspire and empower others though our example to live from our hearts, WE stand in our power, passionately speaking our truth, expressing our true feelings, communicating with clarity, and using voice to speak up and create our reality that is rooted in ~
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Our mission is courageous as we take responsibility for ourselves individually first and foremost -- as we know this is how we will affect change collectively. We support and encourage each other day by day, we embody peace from within, we shine on and bring the highest version of our self to our community. We know that self-love, unconditional love, and self acceptance are primary. We are limitless beings who journey in freedom step-by-step toward self-empowerment, inspired leadership, prosperity and love. We are conscious, creating our new Earth community through heart connection and love for each other and our planet. We know we are greater together than we are apart. We come together in unity and peace. I AM, WE ARE PEACE UNIFIED.

  •  Can you hear your heart calling?
  •  Are you ready to Thrive?
  • Is Freedom calling YOU?
  •  What about youthfulness and radiance?
  •  Do you feel so excited getting paid doing what you love?
  • What about a community that wants your gifts, that wants you to shine?
  • Experience yourself like never before, ~JOY
  • Come play with US -- we are waiting for you.