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Healing separation, loving the self-whole, has been and continues to be an inside Job. I was talking to a friend the other day and she said that right now she is not in the place of totally loving herself. She said she can’t even say that to herself right now. There are many reasons we benefit from loving ourselves because at the core of our being that is who we are and giving that love to ourselves is the key to coming home to our truth.


At the core of your being you are love…
You are the creator incarnate.You are the image and likeness of God/ source/your soul self / higher self or whatever term you want to use to identify that reality. Healing the illusion of the separation is being able to see the love you are and to bring that love into all your relationships because you truly can not give something to another person that you have not given to yourself.
And you cannot get something from another person they haven't given to themselves.

We benefit ourselves, our communities, our families and our planet by loving ourselves instead of seeking that love or approval outside of ourselves.

So today love yourself exactly how you are. Approve of yourself. Accept yourself, the presence of who you are.

There is nobody that can do that for you.
Love is an inside job. the more you love yourself the more we benefit from your love.

Feel the peace of your love.

Feel the love that you are.

When one person is filled with self-love, it will inspire others who are not filled with that much self-love into an experience to invite more of that in.  Every day, the more you make the relationship with yourself and your source of the utmost priority, you are raising your vibration daily, loving each and every part of you into more and more love.


Blueprinting speak this out loud (repeating 3 x):
"I AM love, radiant love".
"God consumes my shadows,
transmuting them into love".
"I AM the center of my Universe".


Take a minute to enjoy the video I made for the tribe back in January, 2017

where I talk about self-love and looking outside.