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What Is™ Unconditional love.

From me (Kornelia's perspective), unconditional love has to do with feeling empowered after taking action, love being the action, with no attachment or thought about the outcome.  The empowerment comes from taking fearless action in the moment, choosing love over fear.  The freedom comes from not being attached to what the person or persons choose to do after I've  communicated my love, my boundaries, and what I value.

Unconditional love risks losing everything with no attachment to the outcome.

The golden nugget comes from having taken the action, not what the outcome will be.



To enter any authentic experience

it is necessary to embrace your personal experience, to listen

to what your inner-teacher tells you and not what the world tells you.

Your feelings are your nuggets.....your gold.
When you get triggered,  do not to let it build up inside.
Get the old feelings out, so new light can come in.
YOU are releasing ancient feelings that are no longer the truth of you.

You practice unconditional love by applying the wisdom in the moment of the experience.

What does applying or being unconditional love mean to you?


Where do feel you are applying this in your life now?


“We cannot manifest and exist in an energy if we are not being it!”
– Karen Bishop


Peace, Love and liberty for all.

Source, Sovereign, Free,