What Is™ Self-Love?

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Self-love is to be "your own" main thing.

To love yourself like you would a child who's always growing into more and more beauty.

To love your life with a fierce dedication to your own evolution, with a loyalty that refuses to accept anything less than love. To love oneself is to be willing to stand naked and vulnerable in the dark, and face all the fears and uncertainties that "life" challenges us with in the awakening of our truth.

To experience the intense love for self, one must be love in action.  Self-love is an inside job that takes dedication, discipline, compassion, and surrender.

Self-love is you, refusing to put yourself last and settling for less than your truth….

To love yourself takes courage to face your shadow, your wounds, your emotions, your thoughts, your anger, your fears, your doubts, your past, your illness, the discomfort, your challenges, and it requires that you love yourself -- and be with all of it, as you love yourself free.

Self-love is love in action ~ right now.

Self-love is calling you to love your life and embrace the journey, seeing yourself even when feeling ugly, not happy how you reacted, not feeling strong, or confident, or clear of where your next step is.

To love yourself -- especially then, loving the inner child in you that is calling for healing and attention..

Self-love is loving yourself when you have let yourself down, or abandoned your projects.  Loving yourself is picking yourself up from the kitchen floor after you had your heart broken open when abandoned by your lover.  Self-love is the ability to love all of yourself whole and free.  Loving you is loving your body, every inch of your body, your discomfort and your pain.  Self-love is knowing that everything within you wants to be loved.

Self-love is getting back on the horse, coming back time and time again, because you believe in you, because you know in your heart of hearts that you are love, and that you will rise again, that you are not a victim to life or what life throws at you.  You have the compassion for the self and all the places within that still need to heal.

Self-love is being so committed to be the love you want to see in the world, even if you have to let someone else down to honor yourself and be true to you, because that is what you need.

Self-love is to love yourself, even if you did not get the promotion or get the job, or all the money is gone.

Self-love is being willing to have a complete meltdown, and feel all of your emotions -- to be willing to surrender on your knees and to rise again, not knowing how your will face the day.  Loving the self is choosing to be conscious and think positive thoughts over the habitual negative program.

Self-love -- to love yourself so deeply when looking in the mirror the morning after, and -- seeing the beauty in your eyes -- being able to say "you rock, and I love you."

Self-love is being corny with yourself and seeing the humor in life.  Self-love is not just a romantic illusion that has you feeling great all the time -- self love takes work as any relationship does, and to love the self is to be willing to stand empty in the void, to stand naked, and be quiet, and listen.

Self-love is to be so at peace with yourself and your source as you are -- one and the same.

When one person is filled with so much self-love, it will inspire others who are not filled with that much self-love into an experience to invite more of that in.  Every day, the more you make the relationship with yourself and your source of the utmost priority, you are raising your vibration daily, loving each and every part of you into more and more love.

Falling deeply in love with you, be your own main thing -- then bring that self into all all your relationships and how you relate to life -- is to love yourself, all of YOU.

Day One — I Am Self-Love

Love is space, unconditional love is what we are practicing here in the new earth, and that means radical self-love, self-acceptance, and loving what is happening in our reality -- loving ourselves, whole and free.  More...

Day Two — I Am Self-Love

Self-love is to be "your own" main thing. I want you to get really good at loving yourself and being your own main thing. To love yourself like you would a child, who's always growing into more and more beauty. We are creating new positive habits, as we bring love compassion and acceptance to ourselves.  More...

Day Three — I Am Self-Love

When one person is filled with so much self love, it will inspire others who are not filled with as much self-love into an experience to invite more of that in.  More...

Day Four — I Am Self-Love

Every day, we are gifted through our experiences to release and let go of old programing and density from our physical bodies, to align and expand into the new being we are becoming.  More...

Day Five — I Am Self-Love

It's raining love and abundance -- be open to receive it.  Open yourself up to receive all the love and all the abundance that is there for you.  I am too.  More...

Day 6 and 7 meditation, reflection and integration

  • The positive love practice for the week.
  • HOT TIP: speak your new belief through your powerful voice, is the practice, everyday.
  • I am love and lovable and I love and approve of myself.
  • I allow myself to feel all of my emotions, I have compassion for all the places within I still need to heal and feel.
  • I am talking to myself in a positive loving manor.
  • Everything that is triggering me right now is coming.
  • Up for me to love and feel and transcend.
  • I know how to bring myself into my center by breathing into my heart and loving myself whole and free.
  • I am a miracle and I am love, I am releasing everything that is not love -- and that takes practice and compassion.

I am the Creator of my life, co-creating the new Earth, with all life. 

Day 6&7 mediation, reflection and integration
How have you changed this week?

Your voice in applying unconditional love and what it means to you.

From Kornelia’s perspective—– Unconditional love. I feel empowered after taking action——– love—- being the action having no attachment or thoughts about the outcome. The empowerment comes from taking fearless action in the moment choosing love over fear.     More...

Self-love the ultimate love ——for YOU/ for us.

Healing wholing separation — loving the self-whole has been and continues to be an inside Job. I was talking to a friend the other day and she said that right now she is not in the place of totally loving herself. She said she can’t even say that to herself right now.     More...